Where is Belize

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Where is Belize You Ask? Sometime ago I was out having a good time with my American friends at a bar, it was a Friday night when we decided to get together and catch up. The evening didn’t go quite as planned though. Something happened and the subject changed to Belize, I can’t really remember the details right now but… Read more »

Belize Weather

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There are a million things that go through our minds when we think of visiting, or permanently relocating to a, new country. We try to imagine how life would be in that country in order to determine if we would be able to fit in. We consider the hospitality, security and economy of the new country. But that is not… Read more »

Belize Airport

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The Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport is the main airport in Belize and it serves the countries largest city, Belize City. The airport is conveniently located near the city with it only taking 30 minutes to drive to the city center. The best way to get in to the city from the airport is via taxi. The are airport buses… Read more »

Belize City

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Belize city has the charms of historic Mayan ruins to a buzzing night life. Known for its mouth-watering seafood and it also has a whole host of great wildlife settings. Belize is known to survive the worse of hurricanes and fire yet the city makes a fight back to becoming stronger and to thriving. The best time for tourists to… Read more »