Where is Belize

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Where is Belize You Ask?

Sometime ago I was out having a good time with my American friends at a bar, it was a Friday night when we decided to get together and catch up. The evening didn’t go quite as planned though. Something happened and the subject changed to Belize, I can’t really remember the details right now but I do remember that I was the only person in the group who was talking. Then it suddenly dawned that all 3 of my friends didn’t even know there was a country called Belize.

In fact, they had never heard of Belize, a country that was the centre of Mundo Maya, a country that has dozens of highly guarded archeological sites, a country respected as a World Heritage Site with the second largest barrier reef in the world. I don’t know why, but I was really surprised.

After an hour of answering the question – where is Belize? We finally went home, and returned to our normal lives. Then I realized that there may be lots of people out there that still do not know about Belize and are very likely to ask that disappointing question – where is Belize. To help such people, I have written this short article so that all who do not know may now know about the beautiful little small country called Belize.

So let’s get straight into it

To quickly answer the question- where is Belize; Belize is in North America, It is located between latitude 17.4789° N and longitude 88.5162° W. Belize is surrounded by countries like Honduras, Central America, Guatemala and Mexico. The capital city of Belize is Belmopan with Belize City being the largest city.

The country has an estimated population of 340,844 according to 2014 census. There are about 20 airports in Belize and the official language is English. One more thing I would like you to know is that the currency in Belize is called Belize dollar. In addition, the fact the calling code of Belize is 501 and the time zone is CST (UTC-6) may also be information that would come in handy sometimes in the future.

Now that we have covered all the basic boring details about where Belize is, I would like quickly list some interesting facts that might interest you.

Interesting Facts about Belize

Last week, another person asked me the question – where is Belize?, and instead of running down the technical details about where Belize is, I decided it would be more interesting to tell him a few things he didn’t know about Belize instead. So now that you know the latitude and longitude of Belize, I am sure you should be able to show your kids where Belize is on a map, however, the details below are things about Belize you certainly won’t find on a map.

  • Belize is the only country in Central America that speaks English as an official language. That is great news for the tourist or for the expat that wants to relocate to Belize.
  • Being the center of the ancient Mundo Maya, it is easy to run into historical locations in Belize. This makes it a respectable tourist destination.
  • Where is Belize? Well, it is the place where everyone is trilingual. The people of Belize speak Kriol, Spanish and of course English. In addition, you will also find people who can speak German and Mayan dialects. Isn’t that wonderful?
  • Would you like to see the second largest barrier reef in the world? Go to Belize, that’s where it is. You will find an abundance of marine life in that reef. If you can, plan your vacation to fall between March and June so you will be able to witness some whale shark diving.
  • If you like beaches and Islands, then you will love a vacation to Belize. The country has long stretch of beaches with over a hundred Islands offshore.
  • Belize has the lowest population density in the whole of Central America. You will only find 35 people per square mile. If you like lots of open spaces, then Belize is a country to visit.
  • Belizeans like to put Ketchup on fried chicken. Have you tried that?
  • Have you heard of Punta rock? I am sure you will to dance to it if you visit Belize, only after you can find your way to where Belize is of course.
  • Do you love to watch birds? Then you should travel to Belize sometimes, the country has over 300 bird species. You will find various species of birds like the magnificent frigate and the Jabiru stork.
  • Do you like African fufu and cassava? You may not have to go to Africa; you can get it in Belize too. This one came from the Garinagu immigrants from West Africa who brought with them plantain and cassava many decades ago when they settle along the Southern coast of Belize.
  • If you ever find yourself in Belize, make sure you try out hudut, that’s mashed plantain, it’s delicious.

Final Words on Belize

The country Belize has lots and lots of potential. With a small population and enough land, there is opportunity for growth. The economy is doing well and the people of Belize are lovely and hospitable.

One of those who asked me the – where is Belize – question is still on an extended vacation to the country, I guess he figured out how many interesting history is grounded in Belize. The country is also recognized as a World Heritage Site making it a tourist destination. Belize also has lowest population density and fastest growth rate in the whole of Central America.

The potentials for tourism are enormous and it will be easy to see growth in that sector if the country is given a bit more publicity. As a tourist, changing your dollar notes is very easy, there is a standard two for one exchange rate everywhere you go in Belize.

Now that I have answered your – where is Belize – question, I think the next question would be about “how do I visit Belize”.